Where are we? Turi hehe?

  • Kaziba Village, Kirehe District, Eastern Province

When to come? Ni ryari dukora?

  • Monday through Friday 9-4 (Ku wa mbere kugeza ku wa gatanu 9-4)
  • Saturday 9-12 (Ku wa gatandatu 9-12)

Our Prices. Igiciro cyacu

  • Small 1,000 RWF
  • Medium 2,000 RWF
  • Large 3,000 RWF
  • Colored 5,000 RWF

Directions from Kigali. Uvuye Kigali?

  • Take a car or bus (Matunda, Stella, International or Sotra) toward Rusumo
  • On the right, there is a sign for the shop
  • 122 kilometers from Kigali … about two hours and 30 minutes
  • Located on the main road

SAM_0458 [Desktop Resolution]


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