Isoko kugura Imigongo

Cooperative Ikora Imigongo Kirehe afite isoko muri Kaziba, Gitarama na Kigali. Abantu bashobora kugura imigongo yacu kwiduka rya’cooperative, Cooperative Azizi Life cyangwa isoko muri Kigali.

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Iduka muri Kaziba


Competition at Kirehe District

At a district-wide competition on May 30, 2013, all the cooperatives in Kirehe District showed their art for district leaders. After the art display, theĀ  leaders chose what art they thought was best. Cooperative Ikora Imigongo Kirehe won with 94 points out of 100. The leaders thought the imigongo was very good, with many colors […]

New Designs

Some samples from the Cooperative Ikora Imigongo Kirehe (KOIIK) workshop, both new and old. The lizard and spiral pieces are four small squares. Stop by the shop to check out all the artists’ designs!

Opening of the Shop/Gufungora iduka

On February 22, in Kaziba Village, the artists of Cooperative Ikora Imigongo Kirehe (KOIIK) officially opened the shop. The ceremony welcomed the Executive Secretary of Kirehe Sector, two local journalists from Kigali Today and Izuba Radio and members of the local community. The artists shared corn and Fanta with the guests after a small tour of the shop. The opening was featured on Izuba Radio and in Kigali Today. RwandaArts also covered the event on their website.

Welcome! Karibu! Murisanga!

SAM_0431 [Desktop Resolution]Welcome to the blog for Cooperative Ikora Imigongo Kirehe! We are a group of artists who paint traditional Imigongo paintings from Rwanda. We are located in Kirehe District, Kirehe Sector, Gahama Cell, Kaziba Village, about a three-hour bus ride from Kigali. Imigongo is a type of art made from wood, cow poop and paint. There are many different designs. We will post new designs, pictures, news, stories and events on the blog so return often!