Cooperative Objectives/Intego za Cooperative

The objectives of the artists of Cooperative Ikora Imigongo Kirehe (KOIIK). Ni’intego ya abanyabugeni ba Koperative Ikora Imigongo Kirehe.

  • Gusigasira umuco nya’Rwanda. To protect the culture of Rwanda.
  • Kuzamura imibereho mwiza yabanyamuryango bakoperative. To improve the lives of the cooperative members.
  • Guteza imbere akarere kacu intara ndetse nigihugu binyuze mubacyerarujyendo baza gusura ibyodukora. To develop our district, province and country by bringing others to visit the art from different countries. 

Umusógongero w’îsí ni ûmubâno.

Savoring the world only takes place when you get along.

The world makes no sense without friendship



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